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Easytrac – Quarter Turn Actuator


Easytrac is a compact, competitive quarter-turn actuator with a high accuracy output. It is available in both On/Off and Modulating configurations as well as an explosion-proof version. There is also a rich option set which includes a sophisticated control head with a colour LCD screen and non intrusive IR connectivity.

Like all Ontrac actuators it can be connected to both Smartrac for comprehensive data analysis and our Ontrac Cloud for remote download of actuator parameters and technical information.

  • Part-Turn Torque up to 3000Nm / 2210 ft-lbs

The Ontrac Easytrac electric actuator is a compact robust quarter-turn actuator.

The Easytrac EME (Easytrac Modulating Electric) provides modulating control

The Easytrac EOE (Easytrac On/Off Electric) provides On/Off control.

EME (Easytrac Modulating Electric) and EOE (Easytrac On/Off Electric)

Actuator TypeMechanical Output
Torque NmTime SecPower W
EME/EOE 50501920
EME/EOE 1001001940
EME/EOE 2002002260
EME/EOE 4004002990
EME/EOE 60060029140

EME, Modulating duty: EOE, On-off duty

The Ontrac remote setting tool enables the Easytrac actuator to be set up non intrusively via the front panel interface. The arrow keys mimic the front panel control knob actions so allowing the same menu structure to be utilized.