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The Multitrac range provides Linear, Part-Turn and Multi-Turn versions across a large torque and thrust range. Non intrusive setup with control knob or IR input and variable speed output drive feature as standard.

A wide variety of options are available including explosion-proof, additional programmable switchpac, split control head and programmable limit switches.

Like all Ontrac actuators it can be connected to both Smartrac for comprehensive data analysis and configuration and to our Ontrac Cloud for remote download of actuator parameters and technical information.

  • Multi-Turn Torque up to 5400Nm / 4000 ft-lbs
  • Part-Turn Torque up to 135,000Nm / 100,000 ft-lbs
  • Thrust up to 184 kN / 41,600 lbs

The Ontrac Multitrac electric actuator is a sophisticated yet simple and robust multi-turn actuator.

The Multitrac MME (Multitrac Modulating Electric) 800 range provides (S4) modulating control.

The Multitrac MOE (Multitrac On/Off Electric) 700 range provides (S2) on/off control.

The base Multitrac range can produce from 6-1000 Nm torque. With the addition of Ontrac gearboxes and adaptors significant increases in torque and thrust are available..

Multitrac electric actuator range features cloud analytic capabilities, non intrusive setup, explosion proof, IP68, variable speed, modular construction, remote mount electronics, control knob setup, phase protection, LCD screen.

Control Knob Set Up

Almost all of actuators’ function can be adjusted (position setting, parameter setting, configuration, diagnosis, etc. ) via control panel, the following example will illustrate a basic technique of setting. This example will be opening valve protective torque set at 50% rating torque. First of all, set mode selector switch to “LOC” (local operation mode), and then follow the flow chart. Please note that the figure includes three operation modes: “save the changes, not save the changes, no changes and return.”

The Ontrac remote setting tool enables the Multitrac actuator to be set up non intrusively via the front panel interface. The arrow keys mimic the front panel control knob actions so allowing the same menu structure to be utilized.

Variable Speed Drive

Frequency Converter Technology

Using a frequency converter in the actuator allows complete control of the motor i.e.: speed and direction of rotation together with torque.

The voltage applied to the motor by the frequency converter determines the output torque, whilst the frequency determines the output speed.

This provides significant benefits over fixed speed drives including:

  1. Valve protection
    The actuator moves to its end position at a fixed low speed, therefore over-torque is avoided due to the low kinetic energy of motor and gears.
  2. High torque
    By running at low speed with high torque, the actuator is able to overcome valve blockage without risk of valve damage.
  3. Flexible Commissioning
    During commissioning it is useful to have a little free play in terms of output speed and torque – some things look different on site. adjustable speed & torque offers many possibilities for process optimization at a later stage
  4. Reduced spare-parts stock
    The ability to configure speed and cut-off torque means that the whole actuator range can be covered by a small number of variants. This simplifies stock keeping of spare actuators and Components and reduces training needs.
  5. Optimum position control
    The positioner integrated in the Ontrac actuator utilizes the different speed control capability of the frequency converter: this means that large position changes result in high speed correction, whereas small deviations are adjusted more slowly.
  6. Automatic phase correction – the integrated rectifier works independently of the supply phase sequence

Torques given below are for base unit only without additional gearing.  Significantly higher torques are achievable with the addition of an Ontrac integrated gearbox.  More details can be found here (link to “Multitrac Full Brochure  ”).

MOE (Multitrac On/Off Electric) Multi-Turn

Actuator TypeSizeMechanical OutputSelf Locking
Switch - OFF torque
Md [Nm]
n [1/min]
MOE 706M20 to 5014 to 35
R10 to 2537 to 92
S6 to 1572 to 180
MOE 708M32 to 8014 to 35
R20 to 5037 to 92
S12 to 3072 to 180
MOE 712M60 to 15014 to 35
R40 to 10037 to 92
S24 to 6072 to 180
MOE 725M120 to 30014 to 35
R80 to 20037 to 92
S50 to 12572 to 180
MOE 750R120 to 30037 to 92
P160 to 40029 to 72
MOE 790R200 to 50037 to 92
P320 to 80026 to 66
RL280 to 70037 to 92
PL400 to 100026 to 66

Yes ; No

MME (Multitrac Modulating Electric) Multi-Turn

Max. modulating torque
Md [Nm]
Switch-off torque
Md [Nm] 1)
n [1/min]
MME8062520 - 5014 - 35
MME 8084032 - 80
14 to 35
MME 8127560 to 15014 to 35
MME 825150120 to 30014 to 35
MME 850300240 to 60014 to 35
MME 890500400 to 100014 to 35
MME 890L600600 to 120014 to 35

Ontrac actuators employ a two seal method of protection for protection of electronics.  As standard cable glands plus outer seal (1. In picture) prevent water ingress.  For further protection, in conjunction with IP68 IP rating an additional double seal ((2. In picture) is installed.