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Multi-Turn Introduction

The Ontrac Multitrac electric actuator is a sophisticated yet simple and robust multi-turn actuator.

The Multitrac MME (Multitrac Modulating Electric) 800 range provides (S4) modulating control.
The Multitrac MOE (Multitrac On/Off Electric) 700 range provides (S2) on/off control.

The base Multi-Turn range can produce from 6-1000 Nm torque in standard configuration.

Utilizing our modular design and with the addition of an Ontrac PG/PGZ gearbox the multi-turn torque can be increased up to 8100 Nm.

Full details of the Torque and Speed outputs can be found here

Multi-Turn Gearbox

Ontrac PG/PGZ multi-turn gearboxes series with spiral bevel gear provides high quality and safety. Compared to conventional bevel gear box it’s with high transmission efficiency, superior bearing capacity, low noise, steady running etc. PG/PGZ series is completely sealed with good waterproof performance. It is easy to process axis hole and key groove because of the removable sleeve. PG/PGZ series is specialized for motorized operation, flange standard according to ISO 5210.


  1. Totally enclosed gearing
  2. Grease filled for longer life
  3. Comprehensive gear ratios for different applications
  4. Removable output sleeve
  5. Optional output connection
  6. Manual and motorized operation
  7. Sealed structure, protection to IP67 (IP 68 optional)


PG/PGZ series multi-turn gearboxes are used for manual or motorized (with electric actuators) operation. Suitable for use with gate valves, globe valves, sluice and sluice gates.


  • lP68
  • Impact hand wheel
  • Working temperature, – 40°C to 120°C
  • Stage reducers
  • Output flanges
  • Input flanges suit for electric actuator

Operating Environment

PG/PGZ series multi-turn gearboxes are high mechanical quality and provide steady operating performance under arduous climate and temperature.

  • Enclosure: IP67
  • Working Temperature: From -20°C to 120°C ( -4°F to 248°F
  • Painting: Black RAL9005

Valve Connection

The flange connecting to valve is according to ENISO5210