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Water and Wastewater

  /  Water and Wastewater

Water is key to all life. Furthur providing treated water is a priority for humanity. Industrial water treatment is also essential to provide clean water for almost all industrial processes. Ontrac actuators meet the environmental standards and quality control of water plants around the globe.

We have wide experience of both traditional water treatment and desalination

From filter beds to pumping stations, penstocks to butterfly valves, chemical injection to reverse osmosis, Ontrac has actuators and experience to provide solutions.

We are leaders in the water sector because of our abilities, expertise, and experience. We concentrate on addressing a few of your most important requirements. Ontrac provides assistance to its customers at the specification and planning stages, as well as emphasizing cost-effectiveness, information clarity, durability, reliability, water safety, and continuous support.

Potable water treatment

Supply and distribution


Environmental protection


Sewage treatment

Dry docks

Product Overview

Multitrac is a flexible multi-turn actuator which with the addition of Ontrac gearboxes can output part-turn and linear drive.