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Ontrac and Huaxin Cement (Xiangyang) to build intelligent cement plants

Ontrac smart electric actuator will be used in Huaxin Cement (Xiangyang)’s production line, a well-known Chinese cement production and further processing enterprise.

Huaxin Cement (Xiangyang) co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, of which with two new dry process cement production line daily output reached 4000 tons and two sets of 7.5 MW of pure low temperature waste heat power generation project. The annual clinker output over 2.5 million tons, cement output reached 1.7 million tons, and the annual power generation reaches 90 million degrees.

Huaxin Cement (Xiangyang) co., Ltd., adheres to the “low energy consumption, environmental protection, high technology, high efficiency and sustainable development”,  and has done a lot of work in build environment-friendly enterprises and production lines.Huaxin Cement’s pure low-temperature waste heat generation project can reduce CO2 emission by more than 100,000 tons per year. Annually more than 400,000 tons of industrial waste residue, such as slag, phosphorous slag, phosphogypsum and fly ash have been reused.

Ontrac smart electric actuator with the characteristics of high quality, control safety and low energy consumption, and will committed together with Huaxin Cement to contribute to environmental protection and build intelligent cement plant.

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