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Ontrac provides intelligent actuation solution for Shanxi Jianlong Group’s Eastern Steel

Eastern Steel in Terengganu Kemaman Caron Industrial Zone is now one of the most efficient iron and steel plant in the Malaysia, through the use of automation that includes Ontrac valve actuation. Eastern Steel already generate around 297,100 tons of molten iron and 293,800 tons of billets, and realized a profit of dollars 2.8 million since the second half of 2018 be acquired by Jianlong Goup.

The Eastern Steel project is designed to annual output of 2,000,000 tons of steel. Its major center of iron and steel production with extensive manufacturing facilities includes 56 Ontrac multi-turn and part-turn intelligent electric actuators to control the operation of valves.

The decision to specify Ontrac actuators for the application by Eastern Steel engineering staff was influenced by the long history of reliability demonstrated by the Ontrac actuators previously installed on site.

In addition, the Eastern Steel project has been awarded as the sample project in Malaysia and even southeast Asia. Winning this contract has demonstrated Ontrac actuators with the qualities of robust and reliable.

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