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Pakistan business partner come to visit Ontrac

24th Oct. one our business partner form Pakistan come to visit us. They know about our company through the Muzaffargarh thermal power station (MTPS) and interest in the import of Ontrac electric actuator. We have reached the initial intention of cooperation to expand the Pakistani market.

Two years ago, 89 sets of Ontrac electric actuators were supplied to Muzaffargarh thermal power station (MTPS) . MTPS is a 1,340-megawatt (MW) oil- and gas-fired powered station in Punjab province, Pakistan.The power station consists of the following units: three units of 210 MW each, two of 200 MW each, and one of 310 MW. They were completed between 1993 and 1996, and are fueled by natural gas and furnace oil. The power station is owned and operated by state-owned Northern Power Generation Company Limited (GENCO-III).

Over time, however, MTPS’s capacity degraded. USAID is supporting the Government of Pakistan by repairing and rehabilitating Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station (MTPS).The efforts aim to rehabilitate major components of the thermal power station, replace major pieces of equipment including superheaters, economizers, and rotors at all six power generation units. The new equipment installed on one of MTPS’s 210 MW generating sets includes 89 sets of Ontrac multi-turn and part-turn intelligent electric actuators to control the operation of valves and dampers.

    Before come to visit us, our Pakistan business partner already get detail information of Ontrac electric actuators through this project. And they have full confidence in our products.

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