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Ontrac actuators used in Wuhan Nanhu drainage system

Nanhu is a city of heavy rainfall and regular floods in Wuhan. Nanhu river is also the main source of drinking and industrial water in the city.

With the rapid development of economy in Nanhu, increased population, and rapid urbanization cause serious problems, for example, a heavy rain in the city inevitably leads to water logging, which poses a great threat to the livelihood and property security. Disaster due to water logging is also a key problem that restricts the development of economy in Nanhu. However, to solve this problem in an heavy rainfall and regular floods city is not easy. The city suffers from drainage congestion and water logging especially during rainy season. The reason is the sharp increase of impermeable surface ratio in urban areas, leading to a decrease in rainfall infiltration and increase in surface runoff.

The government have realized that the improvement of the drainage system is one of the highest priority needs for living environment of its people. The government scheduled some automated valve system to be installed underground, which would operate by means of a push button controlled from a location above ground. We dispatched our technical engineers to support the Nanhu project site and give there advise on a drainage system they were installing.

In the early May, the first 44 sets of Ontrac actuators will be delivered to Nanhu.

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