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Yiwu Zhejiang waste-to-energy-power plant Upgrading project

The urban growth projection for the coming decades brings with its new challenges. One of these is the issue of how to manage the waste that is generated, which is increasing at an alarming rate.

Storing and recycling waste are fast becoming a specific sector that requires efficient and clean technological solutions. China is aiming to go one step further by focusing its efforts on converting waste into energy at never before seen levels. The impressive project aimed at contributing to this goal can be found in the city of Yiwu, Zhejiang. It is estimated that Yiwu waste-to-energy-power plant could produce around 200 million kWh per year and save about 23,000 tons of standard coal after upgrading.

Yiwu waste-to-energy-power plant upgrading project was work began in 2017. After more than two years efforts, upgrading project has finally been completed. This is the largest and most advanced  waste-to-energy-power power plant in the central of Zhejiang. The emission target meets national and EU environmental standards, and comply with all criteria of the international environmental.

Now, over 125 sets of Ontrac actuator have been installed on the site, and they will be a part of the Refuse incineration system assisted to convert waste into energy.

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