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Haikou Phase III Municipal Solid Waste Incineration for Power Generation Project

Haikou Phase III Municipal Solid Waste Incineration for Power Generation Project is established for the purpose of improve the treatment capacity of municipal solid waste with energy recovery for electricity generation. This project is designed to deal with a daily average 1800 tonnes of MSW through three incineration systems, each with the treatment capacity of 600 tonnes of MSW per day. Two steam turbine-generator units with total installed capacity of 2×20 MW will be installed for generating electricity with MSW combustion heat.

The three boilers are installed to recover the waste heat from the flue gas and to generate the steam, which is delivered to the steam turbines for electricity generation. The flue gas from the boiler is treated by the three cleaning system with CaO and activated carbon through a semi-dry process, and then the clean gas is finally exhausted from the stacks. The sewage and wastewater generated in the plant will be treated first, then discharged into the municipal wastewater treatment plant through pipeline and further treated aerobically.

Ontrac was successfully installed and commissioned intelligent electric actuators at this Power Station. The choice of Ontrac for this essential part of the smooth running of the boilers at Haikou Phase III Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Station shows the importance of effective, reliable actuation technology.

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